K E E P-|-M U S I C-|-S T R A N G E

Founded in August 2017, The Year Spaceship Artist Collective began reaching out to an ever expanding group of musicians, artists, writers and photographers who are obsessively passionate about sharing independent music and art from a cornucopia of underground scenes worldwide.

The Year Spaceship crew share a common desire to shine a light on the strange and unique and avoid those conspiring to tune our collective dials to an endless loop of uniform repetition within the media we consume.

Some time later we launched the "Sick Set Bro" podcast producing bi-weekly audio episodes on Spotify and a monthly video interview available on YouTube with notable members of the artistic community discussing the struggles of being an independent artist.

If you would like to get involved and contribute to Year Spaceship as a writer, photographer, illustrator or other. Send an email to info [at] yearspaceship [dot] com or message us through one of our social pages.

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